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For over a decade founder Nick Budding has partnered with some of the worlds leading agencies and brands to help produce commercial campaigns across multiple visual formats. Now at the forefront of amo studio, Nick is not only building on amo studios pool of talent (we represent artists in photography, film, illustration and animation) but is also emerging as a key figure in production management, ensuring even the most complex jobs run smoothly.

We’re straight talking, easy to work with and we like to take the fluff out of photography. Whether your product is a thousand dollar wristwatch or a ten- dollar dishcloth, all things are created equal and we treat your products the same way.

When we make our images, some of our inspiration comes from our years of experience, some of it comes from technique and some of it just happens, but it’s all in the preparation. Whether it’s through instinctive visuals and intuitive impulses, or just allowing an idea to boil and letting it bubble over, we will always strive to achieve the perfect imagery for your brand.

We want your customers to know the essence of your brand, what it represents, what your message is – and everything in-between.

Talk us through your brief and let us capture your brand through the lens. We work best when we fully understand your vision. You can rely on us to shoot and let the images do the talking.

the amo people

Nick Budding

Nick Budding

Nick is the founder of amo studio and has a deep passion for story telling and film-making. With over ten years experience in lighting for film, television and photography, he has worked in London, Dubai and Queensland on large-scale productions for Pulse Films, Vertigo and Apex, for some of the worlds leading fashion photographers including Francesco Carozzini, Michelangelo Di Battista and Dan Martensen. He speaks three languages, has a Bachelor of Science in Television and Film production and a BA in Spanish and applied Linguistics.

With extensive experience in lighting for commercial product and fashion photography in London for luxury brands such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Audi and Chivas Regale. Using his background in art, language and science with his experience in logistics and management he stands at the trigger of the business as our leading visual artist, production manager and product photographer.

Masimba Sasa

Masimba’s career as a Photographer has been more of a journey of self discovery. When he started out, it didn’t get as complicated as taking passport pictures of impatient clients, in what was one of Harare’s busiest Photography Studio’s. A desire for change saw him study Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, which opened his world and allowed him to travel extensively throughout Africa and to follow his mantra “You have to work for the picture” After assisting a Commercial Photographer for a whole year, he was thrown into what was literally the deep end and that begun his journey and focus on portraiture.

His obsession with portraiture is fuelled by his love for people and hoping that every time he has an opportunity to photograph someone, that he would be fortunate enough to see a side of them they rarely show to the rest of the world.

He is currently based in Brisbane (Meanjin) and is a Member of Diversify Photo (Up Next )