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Guide us through your brief and let the images do the talking

We’re straight talking, easy to work with and we like to take the fluff out of photography. Whether your product is a thousand dollar wristwatch or a ten- dollar dishcloth, all things are created equal and we treat your products the same way.

When we make our images, some of our inspiration comes from our years of experience, some of it comes from technique and some of it just happens, but it’s all in the preparation. Whether it’s through instinctive visuals and intuitive impulses, or just allowing an idea to boil and letting it bubble over, we will always strive to achieve the perfect imagery for your brand.

We want your customers to know the essence of your brand, what it represents, what your message is – and everything in-between.

Talk us through your brief and let us capture your brand through the lens. We work best when we understand your vision. You can rely on us to shoot and let the images do the talking.

the amo people

Nick Budding

Nick Budding

Nick is the founder of amo studio. With over ten years experience in lighting for film, television and photography, he has worked on feature films in London, Dubai and Queensland on large-scale productions for Pulse Films, Vertigo and Apex. He speaks three languages and has a bachelor of science in Television and Film production.

With extensive experience in lighting for commercial product and fashion photography in London for luxury brands such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Audi and Chivas Regale. Using his background in art, language and science he stands at the trigger of the business as our lead visual artist, lighting specialist and product photographer.

Charlotte Durack

Charlotte Durack

Charlottes’ unconventional way of thinking and background in design and user experience builds a strong connection between product, brand and visual imagery. With twelve years experience working in the creative industry both in advertising and design she has an impressive portfolio in branding, marketing and digital strategy. This is backed by dual degrees in Visual Communication and Education. In 2018 Charlotte was a finalist for the Telstra Young Business Womens Awards.

Mia-Mary Wills is a prop stylist and art director with a difference. She brings precision planning and meticulous preparation along with a steady hand and an ability to get hold of absolutely anything from anywhere to deliver strong visuals every time.